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When we think about something going down the drain, we think that it's gone forever. Unfortunately, that's not exactly how it works. Some of what you see disappearing down a drain ends up accumulating in your pipe lines–just out of view. Before long, buildups can create bad odors and eventually cause clogs that lead to messy backups. Our years of experience in providing drain cleaning in Columbia, SC, can help you make short work of whatever issue may be going on in your drains. For quick and affordable plumbing solutions, Franklin Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is the qualified crew to call!

Signs You Need Help From the Drain Cleaning Pros

Dirty drains aren't always immediately obvious. You may only occasionally detect bad odors. Eventually, though, sewage-like odors can permeate and get even worse when hot water runs down the drain. If you shine a flashlight into your drain, you might also be able to see slimy gray or black buildups. Water may also start draining a little more slowly, leaving soap, or other. These are signs of issues that can eventually lead to a troublesome clogged drain.

How Professional Drain Cleaning Works

Our drain cleaning company offers specialized techniques that will effectively clean away the buildup in your drains without damaging delicate pipes, basin surfaces, or fixtures. We'll identify problem areas, and then carefully access them through drains, cleanouts, or other appropriate access points. From there, we'll utilize the proper equipment to thoroughly clear troublesome buildups you may have.

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The Main Causes of Clogs

Clogs and buildup can be caused by everything from soap scum to hair. Children frequently flush things that don't need to be flushed, and it's not uncommon for adults to drop things down the drain without realizing it. Over time, those little obstructions begin to accumulate grease and other waste, creating a smelly mess that can eventually block the movement of water.

Why Professional Cleaning Is Better Than DIY

Cleaning a drain can be a tricky process. When done improperly, it can damage drain plugs, sewer lines, and much more, leading to expensive repairs. Using a plumbing company to deal with your drain problems will keep you from making your small problem into a big problem.

If you are looking for a local plumber that offers quality plumbing and drain cleaning services

Why Choose Franklin Plumbing & Drain Cleaning

Lots of companies offer drain cleaning services, but Franklin Plumbing & Drain Cleaning specializes in it. We utilize special techniques like hydro jetting to give your drain an effective, chemical-free cleaning that will make your drains work right and smell clean.

Let Us Address Your Clog Issues Right Away

A dirty drain can be a rather unpleasant, inconvenient problem. Since 2014, our team has been dedicated to resolving dirty drain problems for homeowners just like you. We have a 100% guarantee for our work, and all our technicians are properly licensed and insured–something that not every plumber in Columbia, SC, can say! We offer the best warranty protection in the Franklin area, giving you peace of mind on every job. Contact us today to get started!