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Sewer and Water Line Replacement

For services that won't stretch your budget while still leaving you with a fully restored sewer line, look no further than Franklin Plumbing & Drain Cleaning. Our technicians serving the local area take the time to accurately diagnose sewer problems so appropriate and cost-effective repairs can be made. We specialize in sewer repair in Columbia, SC, and nearby areas.

Importance of Professional Sewer Repair Service

Sewer lines play an important role in how wastewater is removed from various inside locations. Some sewer outlets also take in outside water, If this process is interrupted, you'll definitely realize how important sewer lines are, which is another reason it's important to call on local pros like the ones from our team at the first hint of a problem. We are well-equipped to provide the necessary sewer repair services. You'll also benefit from a longer-lasting sewer line, which ultimately saves you money and time.

Common Causes for Sewer Line Failure

Tree roots are common causes of sewer line failure. Age is another common culprit, as is corrosion - which our plumbing company has noticed is quite common with cast iron sewer systems. Lack of sufficient maintenance over the years can also contribute to sewer line failure. Long-term exposure to an assortment of drain materials can cause the failure of your sewer lines at some point as well. Our team provides sewer repair services in:

Group 1

drain cleaning

Group 11


Group 12


Group 13


Group 14

24 hour
available Monday - Thursday

Signs You Need Sewer Repair or Replacement

Sewer lines aren't pressurized like water lines. For this reason, you may not immediately know you have sewer-related issues until you start to see some more obvious signs of a problem. The ones our plumber in Columbia, SC, and the surrounding areas recommend looking for include:

  • Bad odors
  • Soggy lawn spots
  • Foundation or slab damage
  • Problems with more than one drain

How Does Sewer Repair Process Work?

We typically begin with a sewer line inspection. This is usually done with a specially designed camera that allows our technicians to fully assess sewer lines so the problem can be fully determined. Repair may involve only accessing and replacing certain sections, but a significantly damaged pipeline may require us to replace sewer line.

Why Choose Franklin Plumbing & Drain Cleaning?

We're the team to confidently call on when your sewer lines are demanding expert attention. Some of the other good reasons to feel good about working with our team include:

  • Our quality workmanship
  • Our timely arrivals
  • Our attention to detail
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Our guarantees on parts and labor*

*As long as the manufacturer warranty is in place.

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Sewer Repair FAQs

We recommend considering sewer line replacement if your sewer line is severely damaged in multiple areas or made of materials no longer considered safe or in line with current codes.

Give Our Local Sewer Pros a Call Today

Franklin Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is here for you when it matters most. We'll quickly and thoroughly evaluate your sewer lines to determine what's going on so well-informed service decisions can be made. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment for quality sewer repair services. We also provide professional sewer repair in West Columbia, SC.