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Keeping your home's drains clean ensures that they are always working properly, allowing wastewater to move out quickly, resulting in less frequent clogs that can lead to messy, expensive backups. You can do a lot to avoid clogs by being careful of what goes down the drain, but even the most cautious family is likely to experience a clogged drain at some point. It's important to be prepared ahead of time by knowing a plumbing company that provides effective drain cleaning services, and that's where Franklin Plumbing comes in.

Sure Signs of Clogs

A clog does not appear overnight, but the impact can be very sudden. That's why it's important to know the tell-tale signs of a developing clog.

  • Gurgling Sounds

    Drains should work quietly. If you're hearing bubbling or gurgling, the drain needs cleaning.

  • Bad Odors

    A drain that works properly leaves nothing behind. An unpleasant odor in your drain means there is a buildup and that it's time to call a drain cleaning company.

  • Slow Draining

    Wastewater should move quickly out of your basins, bathtubs, and sinks. A slowdown indicates the need for prompt cleaning to restore normal water flow.

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How Does Professional Drain Cleaning Work?

When the Franklin Plumbing & Drain Cleaning team arrives at your home, we'll first identify the exact location, nature, and extent of the problem. We'll then access it through a drain or cleanout plug and insert our tools to remove the clog carefully and completely. We'll also check your other drains to make sure you don't have early signs of clogs starting in those areas as well.

Frequent Causes of Clogs

Normal use of drains can cause clogs. Grease, hair, soap, and waste accumulation can water flow and eventually cause clogs. These buildups have a way of developing more rapidly if foreign objects go down the drain. Everything from shampoo lids to the kids' toys can find its way into your drains and form the beginnings of a clog.

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Why Choose Our Drain Cleaning Experts?

Lots of plumbing companies offer drain cleaning, but Franklin Plumbing & Drain Cleaning makes it a priority. Not only is our team trained and equipped for the job but we also provide a guarantee and insurance. Our hydro jetting service uses high-pressure water to blast away clogs, giving you a clean drain with no chemicals.

Advantages of Professional Drain Cleaning Over DIY

You can certainly do your own prevention by being careful about what goes down your drains, but once there's a problem, it's time to call us. Our services for drain cleaning in West Columbia, SC, will get your system working properly with none of the risks of damage that come from trying to do the work yourself.

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Dirty drains call for immediate action. When you need a plumber in West Columbia, SC, to get your drains working properly again, call Franklin Plumbing and Drain Cleaning or fill out our online contact form. Our team will make your problem a top priority so that you can get things back to normal. Schedule an appointment with us today!