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Plumbing issues have a way of sneaking up and can significantly inconvenience or expose people to various health threats. At Franklin Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, we offer maintenance services to ensure our clients don’t have to deal with these surprise emergency plumbing issues. You can expect no less from your trusted plumber in Columbia, SC.

Here are some things we do during our routine maintenance checks.

Inspect the Faucets

This is the first thing to have your plumbing company do. Have the faucets turned on in the kitchen, bathroom, outside faucets, and shower heads. All these plumbing fixtures are prone to damage because of high volume usage. Any signs of water damage should be subject to immediate plumbing repairs.

Check for Leaks

After determining the faucets are okay, the next step is checking for leaks. This is initiated by looking for visible signs like greener patches on the yard, water paddles, wall discoloration, mold growth, and bubbling paint. Plumbers also inspect for musty or moldy smells, dripping sounds, and the water meter. A dye test in the toilet is another helpful test for leaks. As an experienced and reputable plumbing company, we recognize the best remedy for issues depending on the extent to ensure clients don’t have to worry about repairs or replacements soon.

Clear Out Clogs

Clogs can happen from tree roots or grease, hair, and mineral buildup. By looking at the water pressure, plumbing experts can tell if there are clogs or not. However, a drain camera to get a better insight and identify the cause, location, and extent of the clog.

Maintain Good Pipe Conditions

Corrosion, rust, bending, and misalignment can result in low water pressure, pipe damage, or blockage. Drain cameras help plumbers identify the exact nature and location of plumbing issues. When you work with a licensed plumber, you gain the benefit of high-quality equipment to correct various plumbing problems without requiring a total replacement or digging up large yard sections.

Franklin Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is the local plumber you can depend on for thorough repairs, emergency plumbing services, and affordable pricing. Fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment!

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