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Damaged sewer line repair Columbia, SC

Your sewer line requires extra care for it to serve its purpose in its intended lifespan. However, many homeowners call for premature sewer repair in Columbia, SC, due to easily-preventable reasons. Oftentimes, it’s the simple habits that can have far-reaching effects and end up damaging sewer pipes, leaving them vulnerable and costing you significant amounts of money.

At Franklin Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, you’ve got a reliable partner to help keep your drains and sewer lines in tip-top shape and we’re here to remind you to drop the following habits.

Using Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

Most products people use to clean their drains contain harsh chemicals that slowly corrode the pipes. Over time, the lines become weak, thus increasing the chances of rusting and leaking. These problems lead you to require frequent sewer pipe line repair services, which becomes quite expensive and inconvenient.

Washing Hair Down the Drain

While most people consider the strands of hair to be small and insignificant, they can cause significant clogging in your drainage. When the hair meets other solids like soap, grease, and food particles inside the pipes, they form a nasty clog that makes drainage inefficient. The clog may also accelerate rusting, leaks, and pipe bursts that require our sewer repair services to fix.

Dumping Trash in the Toilet

It is unfortunate that many people use the toilet as a dustbin to dispose of sanitary items. This habit causes clogs and makes waste drainage problematic. Over time the pipes become weakened. Most of our calls to replace sewer line pipes usually arise due to people flushing items that do not dissolve in water, thus causing trouble.

Skipping Maintenance Routines

It is possible to forget about your sewer pipes, especially when nothing seems wrong. However, when the pipes go for a long time without professional cleaning and inspection, they develop serious issues that may require sewer line replacement. Nevertheless, when you schedule yearly professional inspection sessions, we arrest minor problems before they advance to chaotic situations.

Taking care of your sewer line will help you with financial savings and give you peace of mind. With the critical role the waste drainage system plays, you should not ignore or continue with habits that pose a risk of damage.

If you have a plumbing, drainage, or sewer line problem, talk to us today at Franklin Plumbing & Drain for professional assistance!

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